Union County Parks and Recreation

Lake Butler

Union County, the smallest county in the state of Florida, is host to several great locations for outdoor recreation. Hit the water at a freshwater beach, visit the local hiking and biking trails, and make a trip to its local museum.

Lake Butler

The centerpiece of Union County is Lake Butler, which features one of the few freshwater beaches in the state. Here, Lakeside park features a large playground as well as splash park. There are also picnic tables and grills to improve your stay. There are no lodgings in Union County, so make sure to plan to stay overnight elsewhere.

Youth Athletics

Youth sports at the highschool level include volleyball, tennis, swimming, golf, softball, baseball, cross country, track & field, weightlifting, as well as cheerleading. Pop Warner football is also a big activity.

The Lake Palatka State Trail

This section of the trail is 4.1 miles of off-road travel. The trail is a quaint walk that connects to the Union County Historical Museum. This local history museum, located in the Townsend building, is one of the few original buildings left in the area. The Lake Butler bicycle route also lies in Union. This trail is 61 miles of flat road and a great resource for recreation.

Don't let its square mileage fool you, Union County has many of the trappings of a larger county but with more small town charm. Stop by for a while and see what keeps the residents of Union in the outdoors and basking in the North Florida sunshine.