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At Worldwide Bistro, you're being treated to a full 6 ounces of meat in every patty, handmade and infused with ingredients. Find this food truck in the streets of Miami.

Venezuelans are known for arepas, cachapas, and other traditional dishes. But Worldwide Bistro does things a little differently. This food truck is known for their stuffed burgers! Worldwide Bistro is a family business that began in 2017, but don’t be fooled, the owners have over 10 years of catering experience in their home country of Venezuela. This family saw an opportunity for a Venezuelan twist on an American favorite - the hamburger. 


Worldwide Bistro has discovered a variety of ways to put a spin on a burger by making each of them with unique ingredients and flavors. The Chef of Worldwide Bistro has incorporated a creative perspective into their burgers, making each burger represent a different country. Some uncommon ingredients the Chef uses include almonds, black olives, and even pico de gallo. Have you ever thought of how an Italian Burger might taste? Well, there’s no need to wonder anymore because Worldwide Bistro can make it for you!


The exhilarated faces customers make when they take a bite of Worldwide Bistro’s burgers for the first time is what satisfies these food truck owners the most. The assortment of flavors that each burger offers entices customers to try something new at their next visit. The WORLDWIDE Burger is their representation of a Venezuelan burger and their largest burger, which is why it’s ordered most by their customers. 

Without the honest and dedicated Venezuelan staff, Worldwide Bistro would not have the family-friendly environment that customers enjoy today. The satisfaction of every customer is the priority for this proactive team. Moreover, Worldwide Bistro hopes to get a restaurant started in South Florida soon, and grow by participating in more private events. Follow their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (@worldwidebistro) to catch them at their next stop!

Worldwide Bistro