City of Quincy, Florida

Settled in the 1820s, the city of Quincy’s mission to protect and sustain a safe, vibrant, growing community. When transported Virginia tobacco seeds were grown in Florida soil, it was much thinner and lighter in color. A man named John Smith began saving the seeds from the hybridized stalks of Virginian and Cuban tobacco. From these seeds, a new plant known as "Florida Wrapper" was developed. So began a tobacco industry at a time when the south was suffering from its low priced cotton.

Historic Homes Northwest, Florida
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With more than 1100 employees and 500 physicians, their number one priority is to exceed their patient's expectations with the highest quality and most compassionate care.

The Carter-Parramore Academy provides academic, dropout prevention, teenage parent, childcare, and expulsion school services for a diverse population of students ranging from fourth to twelfth grades. 

Robert F. Munroe Day School provides its K-12 students with a college preparatory educational experience in a unique and beautiful environment, in Gadsden County.

The Leaf Theatre is a small theater in Quincy's restored downtown historic district. Musical performances are put on here by The Quincy Music Theatre, which runs the theatre.