City of Sebring, Florida

Sebring calls itself, “The City on the circle.” It is home of the Sebring International Raceway, which was created on a former air base, and first used in 1950 and is named after George E. Sebring, a pottery manufacturer from Ohio who developed the city founded in 1912). Harder Hall Hotel is on the National Registry of Historic Places, it is currently abandoned, partially because of the number of paranormal occurrences that have happened here. The property has changed hands many times and every owner has died under unusual circumstances. Some of the accidents include: fire, flood, floor collapse, innumerable suicides, murders, and more. Witnesses see lights inside and hear music. As of 2004, it was purchased under the intent of making it a museum, but has not undergone more construction.

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You can get all your shopping done here at Lakeshore Mall. It has lots of classic mall stores to shop for clothing and so much more. You can also eat a delicious dinner at one of the many restaurants and then catch a movie at the AMC movie theater.

The Lakeside Playhouse is theatre in Sebring. It has been home to the Highlands Little Theatre since 1982.