Moving into 2023 with an Innovative Creative Spirit

The past few years have been a bit crazy and kind of a blur.  Like so many others, I have felt like all I could do is “just keep swimming” to keep my head above water and to keep my businesses alive. 2022 was a transitional year for many. Recovering from COVID, dealing with inflation, and stepping into a world that is fundamentally shifted.

Now we start 2023 as a year where AI and advanced technologies are moving at a high speed and have to shift fast with the changes. While many fear AI will take away jobs, I see it as a shift in the job market.

Content is being added to the internet at an exponential rate and with AI, it is expected to grow even faster. This is shifting the way we work, market businesses online, and stay relevant in a fast changing online world. Guest posts are not having the same affect with millions being added everyday. Getting noticed online requires more innovation and consistent effort.

Connecting in 2023

Reaching your audience is changing with the growth of AI, ChatGPT, automation of information, and bots. In 2023, innovation is key. Finding ways to connect and grow online in midst of a changing world is crucial to keeping your business relevant and on top.

ASK the Experts

This year, we are starting a new project called ASK the Experts. This is a collaboration of experts around the state who answer the questions consumers and customers most want to know. We are featuring these Locals in the Know in ongoing columns to help create influence and build a credible voice within our community.

For businesses, this is a better way to connect with clients while also building SEO value. This unique opportunity allows businesses to showcase their knowledge and expertise by answering customer questions and providing helpful advice in their niche. With our ASK THE EXPERTS Columns, we are creating influencers in our community.

Better than social posts, guest posts and other content that falls into the internet content pit or slips down the feed. As an expert in an ongoing column, the content continues to ranks and grow and stay relevant. In fact, over time as more articles are added on the column subject, the previous articles will grow in value, not disappear.

Join our ASK THE EXPERTS Columns today and start sharing your expertise with potential customers and move into 2023 building your online credibility and influence. Be the voice in your niche. Click here for more details and to claim your niche. Spots are limited to 5 per column topic.

I am personally starting 2023 with a renewed energy and spirit and looking forward to helping more businesses gain more value online and be seen, found and heard.

2023 is a time to create the life we were meant to live.

About the author

Patti Jewel

Patti Jewel, aka Beach Jewel and Florida Jewel, has been a life-long Florida resident, beach lover, mom to 4 amazing children, and someone who sees the glass as both half empty and half full but in either case, always wants to fill it up.