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Covid masks reopenings
Floridians Mixed Feelings about Openings amid COVID
Florida Coronavirus Blog - 3 Months in & over 60,000 cases
Patti Jewel
Coronavirus Week 4 in Florida
Floridians Adjusting to the New Norm after 1 month of COVID-19
Florida Coronavirus Blog - Week 4: Over 12,000 cases reported
Patti Jewel
Florida Coronavirus Week 3
COVID-19 Has Florida Tightening Up & Staying Home
Florida Coronavirus Blog - Week 3: Over 4000 cases reported
Patti Jewel
Starbucks closure coronavirus
Coronavirus in Florida: Closures, Panic and Uncertainty
Florida Coronavirus Blog - Week 2: Over 900 cases reported
Patti Jewel
Cororavirus and it’s Fast Impact on our Florida Lives
Cororavirus and its Fast Impact on our Florida Lives
Florida Coronavirus Blog - Week 1: Over 100 cases reported
Patti Jewel
Alligator Snapping Turtle
Florida Endangered and Threatened Species Update
FWC removes 4 species and adds 1
Patti Jewel
Daylight Saving Time ends November 4th, and Yes, Florida still must change our clocks
Daylight Saving Time ends November 4th, and Yes, Florida still must change our clocks
Florida passed a law to keep Daylight Saving permanently, however, it still is not law.
Patti Jewel
Crystal Lagoons
Crystal Lagoons®, if you haven’t heard of it, you will
Florida now has the largest pool in the U.S.
Patti Jewel
March for Our Lives Orlando 3/24/18
March for Our Lives Orlando Experience at Lake Eola
With an estimated 20,000+ strong demanding action
Patti Jewel
Hurricane Irma School Closings
Hurricane Irma - Back to School After the Storm
As Florida recovers, students in many school systems are finally able to return to school
Patti Jewel
Hyperloop Florida
Patti Jewel
Disney Closing for Hurricane Irma
Disney World Closes 2 Consecutive Days for Hurricane Irma
Only 4 times in history has Disney World parks been closed a full day
Patti Jewel