Florida Plants & Agriculture

Florida's warm, consistent climate makes it one of the best places to grow a variety of different plants. Many of Florida's oldest cities started out as farmland, with land owners growing plants of all shapes and sizes. Today, Florida's agriculture is still one of the best in the country. Florida ranks first for the production of oranges, tomatoes, sugar cane, grapefruit, watermelon, and several other crops.

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Florida Listings

The Crowley Museum & Nature Center is an excellent way for families to experience the history of old Florida. The museum contains a pioneer cabin, a blacksmith shop, a working sugar cane mill, and tons of artifacts for you to check out. The nature center offers the Children’s Discovery Path, where children can learn in a fun, hands on way, and a boardwalk that takes visitors through 5 Florida habitats and ends with an observation tower overlooking the marsh and the Myakka River. 

Crowley Museum & Nature Center