Florida Alligators & Crocodilians

Florida is known for it's Alligators with so much water and natural habitats for alligators to live. The American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) is a cold-blooded reptile that basks in the sun to help stay warm. It can stay underwater for more than 2 hours without air. And while alligators may appear to be slow because of the way they lounge around in the sun, they actually move very fast in short bursts. While the Alligators are the most known and most populous in Florida, Florida is also home to the Spectacled Caiman and the American Crocodile. 

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Welcome to the country's largest subtropical wilderness! The biodiversity at the Everglades National Park is truly unfathomable and must be experienced first hand. It serves as home to many endangered species such as the American crocodile, manatee, American alligator, sea turtles, birds, Florida panther, and many types of plants. If you are eager to learn and experience the wildlife in a way that you will never forget, this is the place for you. They have ranger programs, tours, books, and many other activities to educate visitors on topics related to the different species and their environment. If you become an expert, you could even volunteer in aiding their conservation efforts. 

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Croc Encounters is a non-profit sanctuary for unwanted reptilians, most famously alligators and crocodiles. The wildlife center provides educational tours for all ages.

Croc Encounters