5 things you can do for Free (or practically free) to get more exposure for your business in Florida

SEO and Content Marketing in Florida

With the current state of the economy and many Small Businesses struggling during COVID, we put together these tips to help Small Businesses get through this tough time and to gain exposure online without spending any money


1. Add your website to FloridaSmart.com

FloridaSmart offers business listings for any business located in the Sunshine State. A Business Listing on FloridaSmart provides you with a backlink to your site which helps your SEO rankings on the big sites like Google. You also get exposure by being listed in your city and topic on a targeted page where people are searching for your business products or services. With an Upgraded Featured Editorial, your website will be at the top portion of the list with a full profile page and Editor’s Review to increase your credibility and exposure.


2. Use Google Tools

Add your website to Google My Business. When you register with Google, you can use all of the services that are free including registering your local Florida business location to show up on Google maps which helps your posts get found, and all the tools to help build your SEO. This is the easiest free way to let people know about your business. Take the time and make sure your google listing is up and correct.


3. Utilize and engage on Social Media

Every social platform offers you a unique audience and opportunities to gain clients and followers.

Facebook is an excellent platform for posting blog posts and sharing other content. Facebook has also become a top platform for posting videos and live feeds. Instagram as everyone knows, is awesome for sharing photos.

Product photos, quotes, behind the scenes and now stories, instagram gives your audience a visual image of your business. Follow Florida local places and influencers and share curated images to engage with your followers.

Pinterest, like Instagram, is image focused. But Pinterest is more for sharing infographics and vertical images. Create How-to’s and Information in a graphic format and post to pinterest to drive traffic and gain followers. Build boards for topics and add others’ pins to create engagement.

Linkedin is the perfect platform to promote company news and professional information about you and your company. Linkedin has become increasingly popular for jobs and career postings.


4. Start blogging more

Write content and add more articles to both your website and other platforms as a guest blogger where you can gain more credibility and links to your website.

By Guest Blogging on larger platforms, you gain more exposure than your own website would provide. With this increased exposure, you will get more click throughs to your site.


5. Submit Press Releases / Have Reporters Contact You

Press Releases are a great way to let the media know about anything newsworthy. Submitting a press release puts your news out on the distribution network where media can pick up your story.

PR log – Free press release and press room hosting, free distribution to search engines. Discounted press release distribution to news websites and journalists.

PR Urgent – Free press release and news distribution website.

You can also subscribe to Help a Reporter Out (HARO) to submit your story or information where reporters can then respond and contact you if they are interested.

About the author

Patti Jewel

Content Marketing Expert and owner of a content focused digital agency. Patti is also a life-long Florida resident, beach lover, nature lover, who is always looking for the positive things to focus on in Florida.