9 Crystal Clear Natural Watering Holes in Florida

Check out these beautiful natural watering holes that the Sunshine State has to offer

There are actually quite a few natural watering holes in Florida, which is great because of the hot summer months. A lot of these areas are springs located in Florida state parks, but there are a few select swimming holes that are located in other areas as well. Here’s a list of some of the most beautiful, sparkling natural waters that Florida has to offer its residents when it’s too hot to do anything but swim. So pick a location and take a trip because the summer months aren’t over just yet and it’s still perfect swimming weather!

1. Rainbow Springs State Park (Dunnellon)

This is one of the oldest springs in Florida and one of the most beautiful sights to see as well. Take a dip in the crystal waters and explore the park’s gardens and take some photos of the magical waterfalls that reside on the grounds. Visitors can also go biking, camping, fishing, hiking, paddling, snorkeling, tubing, and wildlife viewing so no one can possibly be bored here.

2. Ginnie Springs (High Springs)

Not only are there clear waters at Ginnie Springs, swimmers also get a chance to view the wildlife that has made Ginnie Springs a home. Bass, catfish, and turtles can be seen swimming through the blue waters and land animals can be seen throughout the park.

3. Juniper Springs (Ocala National Forest)

Floating in the waters of Juniper Springs is the perfect way to relax. One of the oldest and best-known recreation areas on the East coast, the calm waters are shaded by oak trees and there are picnic tables for visitors to enjoy a nice lunch before taking to the waters and walking trails available.

4. Blue Spring State Park (Orange City)

Blue Spring is among the most special on the list because of the manatees that live here. These sea cows grew to a number of 485 from the 14 that were originally here in 1970.  Not only can you swim in the refreshing waters, visitors can bring their fishing gear, view the birds, hike on the 4.5-mile Pine Island Trail, or even take a canoe out on the waters.

5. Fanning Springs State Park (Fanning Springs)

With perfect temperature waters, always at 72 degrees, Fanning springs produces around 65 million gallons of water every day. Here, guests can grill and picnic under the beautiful oak trees, view the underwater wildlife that lives here, swim and scuba dive, and kids can play on the playground until their hearts’ content.

6. Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park (Wakulla Springs)

This is the world’s largest and deepest freshwater spring, the waters are perfect for swimming and the ancient cypress swamps make for some excellent photography sessions. The grounds are so unique they’ve even been used for films like Tarzan’s Secret Treasure (1941) and Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954). Visitors can swim in the waters and there’s a guided boat tour where alligators, manatees, and bird life can be viewed.

7. Ichetucknee Springs (Fort White)

With spring-fed rivers, canopies of greenery, and cool waters, Ichetucknee Springs is the perfect afternoon getaway. There is a total of eight springs here that form to create the six-mile Ichetucknee River. Visitors can swim, canoe, and kayak in the waters or take a relaxing hike on the nature trails that line the grounds.

8. Madison Blue Springs State Park (Lee)

A perfect spot for swimming and cave diving, the Madison Blue Springs State Park is a full of scenic woodlands with tons of wildlife viewing. The clear waters are great for paddling and swimming. A beautiful spring that runs about 82 feet wide and 25 feet deep, it’s a great place to visit on any given hot day.

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