Florida’s Best Independent Bookstores

One of the best ways to discover the personality of a town is to visit its independent bookstores. Here are some of the most unique and charming independent bookstores in Florida.


Downtown Books and Purl

This book store is located in a charming historical building in the Florida Panhandle. They have lots of local books and guides to the area. They also have a great collection of yarn for every knitters needs.


The Bookstore and Kitchen

The Bookstore and Kitchen is the ultimate hipster shop in Coconut Grove. They have a café as well as a bookstore and they specialize in promoting local: local books, local farmers.


The Muse Bookshop

The muse bookshop is a store in historic downtown Deland. It has books from many genres and time periods, but what really makes this shop unique is its antiquarian collection. It has books dating all the way back to the 1700s.


The Book Loft

The Book Loft is an adorable old-fashioned new and used bookstore located on Amelia Island. They have a surprisingly large selection of books for both children and adults, but one of their largest sections is the history section, especially books on Florida history.


Key West Island Bookstore

Key West Island Bookstore is the only remaining book store on the island of Key West. Unlike many of the places on this list, this is a bookstore that’s just a bookstore, so it has a large selection of different kinds of books.


Sandman Book Company

Sandman Book Company is store that’s designed to make you feel at home with a friendly staff, plenty of places to sit, and a friendly cat mascot that roams the shelves, this is a place where you could easily spend an entire afternoon. It’s worth the visit just to see the arch made of old books.


Sundog Books

Located practically on the beach in Seaside, Florida, Sundog Books is the perfect place to find your next beach read. They have an impressive selection of books in every genre and an atmosphere to make all kinds of bookworms feel at home.