Lightning Strikes in Florida, Beautiful & Deadly

Lightning, Beautiful & Deadly

Lightning is one of the most beautiful natural shows nature puts on. It is a photographers dream to capture lightning strikes. The uniqueness of each strike showcases natures force and is mesmerizing to watch and breathtaking in photographs. And Florida is the place to capture those moments as the Sunshine State is the Lightning capital for number of lightning strikes… and deaths.

Lightning in Florida kills more people then any other weather hazard. Yes, more than hurricanes. All Floridians and Visitors should know these 10 Lightning Safety Truths to keep safe from the dangers of this massive nature show.

Be safe. Take precautions. And enjoy watching those mesmerizing lightning storms from a safe location.

Want to capture your own photos of spectacular lightning strikes? Check out this video from a pro with tips and tricks to getting the best shots.

Here are our top choices for mesmerizing lightning videos. 

Top 10 Lightning Strikes caught on camera

Lightning Strikes on Clearwater Beach

Giant Positive Lightning Strike plus some extra lightning.

Main Image Photo Credit: Awesome Iger @surfjks

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