Celebrate Orange Blossom Day on June 27th

Orange Blossom Day is the day to celebrate this amazing blossom that brings us the delicious orange as well as amazing honey, tea, perfumes, and skin care benefits. The fragrant flowers became Florida’s state flower in 1909, not only because of the citrus industry that was growing in Florida, but because of the sweet fragrant flowers that have a beauty all their own.

Orange Blossoms have become a symbol of good fortune and are often used in bridal and wedding flower arrangements. While the orange blossom is a small flower, it is quite fragrant. The fragrance is popularly used in foods, skin care and aromatherapy providing incredible health benefits.

Here in Florida, we have the benefit of seeing the spectacular display of the orange trees filled with these small white blossoms every year in the spring. If you have the opportunity to visit a nursery, grove or garden in March and April, you may have the opportunity to see and smell the glorious orange blossoms filling the orange trees.

Orange Blossom in Foods and Skin Care

The Orange blossom is not only beautiful and fragrant, extracting the oils and essence of the orange blossom provides a plethora of health benefits.

While the extraction of the oils from the orange blossom is not a Floridian process and is produced on other countries, we can still enjoy the Orange Blossom water and orange blossom oils. Orange Blossom water can be used in baked goods, added to drinks, or added to skin care products and baths. It is an excellent skin stimulant that increases circulation, opens pores and rejuvenates the skin. As an essential oil, Orange Blossom aromatherapy can relieve stress, anxiety and help in relaxation and sleep.

Orange Blossom Honey

Orange Blossom Honey is a favorite in Florida and is all thanks to the orange blossom that is pollinated by the honey bees who then produce this light amber, sweet and fragrant honey. Honey farmers around Florida proudly produce and bottle this popular honey.

Oranges in Florida

Citrus was brought into Florida by early Spanish settlers who planted the first orange trees near St. Augustine. Because Florida’s climate is perfect for this amazing citrus tree, they spread around the sunshine state making oranges a top industry for Florida, specifically orange juice production.

We think Orange Blossoms deserve a day of their own to be recognized and appreciated! Celebrate Orange Blossom Day with us on June 27th!

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