Florida Design & Applied Arts

Design and Applied Arts are present in every part of our lives. Every outfit we wear, website we visit, and building we spend our time in has been designed by someone. Florida is home to designers of every kind who can help meet whatever design needs you might have.

Graphic Design | Fashion Design & Textiles | Industrial Design | Interior Design

Florida Listings

The Melrose Center is located inside the Downtown Orlando Public Library. It has tons of state of the art equipment members can use. Here you will find a Video Production Studio; an Audio Production Studio; a Photography Studio; the "Fab Lab", which has 2 3D printers and focuses on engineering, computer programing, and robotics; a Simulation Lab with 3D simulators for Driving, Flight, Fork-Lift, and Excavator; and more. Don't know how to use the equipment? You can take classes here to learn just about anything, whether it's for a hobby or to further your career. All of this is offered at very low costs or no cost to members local to the area.