Florida Music Concerts

Music is a free expression of the soul. Whether we use our voice, body, or other objects as the instruments, the impact of music spreads across all of history. Come out to dance and sing along with local, national, and international talent all across Florida!

January 21-23, 2022

Location: Englewood Plaza, Englewood, FL

Choose your foods from a diverse menu of seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes all cooked fresh on site by local restaurants and food purveyors. Seafood dishes are prepared using only the freshest local and sustainable ocean resources from the Florida Gulf Coast. Select from a diversity of side dishes and of course - awesome desserts! Liquid refreshment includes selections of alcoholic, non-alcoholic and fruit drinks along with sodas and bottled water. While immersed in great food, listen to some of Florida’s top musical groups from genres such as R&B, blues, jazz, rock and Caribbean sounds.

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Come have a pint at the West End, a great local spot for food, drink, and live music.