All About Florida Foods & Drinks

Florida is well known for its oranges and orange juice, but do you know all of the other foods that are uniquely Floridian or just popularly Floridian? Or interesting facts about chains and restaurants in Florida? We’re here to help you out.

Many of your favorite foods and beverages have originated in Florida or were influenced by surrounding areas like Latin America and the Caribbean and updated in Florida. These foods and beverages include key lime pie, coconut patties, gator bites, squeezed orange juice, conch fritters, cuban sandwiches, swamp cabbage, rock shrimp, kumquat marmalade, and many more. Florida food experts continue to expand the amount of food they designate as part of Florida food history and we are loving what they are serving up! 

With foods and drinks that are positively Floridian, these are the foods you just have to try when you’re here.


Florida Based Restaurants
Restaurant & Fast Food Chains that started in Florida
If you haven't been to one of these native Florida Restaurants, be sure to try them!
Florida Jewel
Florida's Cuban Sandwiches
Florida's Original & Famous Cuban Sandwiches
Cuban Sandwiches are the heart of two cities in Florida, Tampa and Miami.
Florida Jewel
Florida's Key Lime Pie
Key Lime Pie - One of Florida's Most Famous Foods
Do you love the mouthwatering tartness and creaminess of a key lime pie?
Florida Jewel