All About Florida Foods & Drinks

Florida is well known for its oranges and orange juice, but do you know all of the other foods that are uniquely Floridian or just popularly Floridian? Or interesting facts about chains and restaurants in Florida? We’re here to help you out.

Many of your favorite foods and beverages have originated in Florida or were influenced by surrounding areas like Latin America and the Caribbean and updated in Florida. These foods and beverages include key lime pie, coconut patties, gator bites, squeezed orange juice, conch fritters, cuban sandwiches, swamp cabbage, rock shrimp, kumquat marmalade, and many more. Florida food experts continue to expand the amount of food they designate as part of Florida food history and we are loving what they are serving up! 

With foods and drinks that are positively Floridian, these are the foods you just have to try when you’re here.


Florida Listings

4th generation family owned and operated Florida honey farm producing and bottling raw all natural and unadulterated Florida Honey. 

Family-owned and operated in Central Florida dedicated to the production of raw Florida honey. Featuring unprocessed, natural Orange Blossom Honey, Gallberry Honey (aka Wildflower honey), and a unique Florida Allergy Honey Blend.



Local Florida raw, unprocessed honey direct from the hives. 


Concord Coffee has a welcoming atmosphere and strives to be a community for the city of Lakeland. They offer coffee grown worldwide and even a coffee subscription that comes straight to your door! 

The Greenery Creamery is an ice cream shop located in downtown Orlando. Vegan ice cream options are available and regular ice cream is made from the milk of local-raised cattle. 

Featuring many varieties of locally Florida produced honey and honey products. 

The Lanier family has been harvesting Tupelo honey from hives in the Apalachicola River swamps since 1898, bringing the unique qualities of the tupelo that can't be found anywhere else in the world. 

From honeycomb to bottle, Leighton's Honey features Florida's best Orange Blossom honey bringing over 65 years of experience to produce natural honey proudly as a local Central Floridian company. 


Naples Florida local honey including Orange Blossom, Saw Palmetto, and Wildflower, selling at local markets around town. 

"The Hottest Spot on the Island", Peppers of Key West sells their huge inventory of hot sauce to people all over the world, but the original store still thrills visitors to Key West 7 days a week. They have everything a hot sauce lover could ever want including a tasting bar, so don't miss it on your next trip.

Bottling and selling raw and unfiltered honey from around the world with varieties produced from the honey bees in Florida. The Florida varieties include Cotton Honey, Holly Honey, Orange Blossom Honey, Tupelo Honey, and Wildflower Honey. Smiley Honey also produces natural honey enriched skincare products, balms and beeswax products. 

Smiley Honey

Raw, local Florida Honey straight from the beehives with no filtering, heating or processing. All natural, 100% pure Florida Honey. 

The Bark in Tallahassee offers vegan and vegetarian menu options. The restaurant is known for having high-quality food and service as well as a bar and unique cocktails.

3 generations of beekeepers working diligently to maintain the health of their bees by using essential oils, hard work and loving care to produce high quality raw Florida honey and natural skin care.


The Sugar Factory is the ultimate destination for a birthday or fun night out. Whether you want to sip on fancy drinks or have an extravagant dessert, this is the place! There is an even a full food menu available!

100% Local Florida Honey, unprocessed and natural. Producing and selling Florida honey varieties including Orange Blossom, Saw Palmetto and Wildflower. Wholesale available. 

With about 1,000 hives that are moved around the state to produce the varieties of honey, Webb's Honey offers Florida honey varieties including Orange Blossom and Wild Flower Honey. 


Locally sourced gourmet honeys including Tupelo and Orange Blossom. 


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