Holiday Boat Parades in Florida

One of the most spectacular holiday events to see in Florida is a boat parade. With all of the coastal communities in Florida, it is not hard to find one. Boaters and Landlovers alike love to come out to see the boats lighting up the waterways. From colorful extravagant illuminations, to simpler unique designs, Floridians get creative and have fun with their boats at Christmas time. We work hard to find all of the Holiday Boat Parades with the most up to date information providing you with the most comprehensive list. Check out our 2019 Ultimate Guide to Florida's Boat Parades below. 

Tips for Viewing Boat Parades in Your Florida City

  • Visit the website and find the best locations to plan your evening.
  • Get there early to get the best viewing spots. Most parades start when it gets dark and it may be more difficult to get to the location once the parade starts, especially if you have to cross a bridge. Some bridges will stay up during the whole parade so be sure you get across early enough.
  • Some restaurants along the water offer viewing and we recommend enjoying a good early meal and securing your viewing spot. 

If you want to be in the parade with your boat, contact the event host early to be sure you can have a spot and what the criteria and rules are. 

Let's have some fun this holiday season! Send up your images and videos to share on our website and social sites. 

2019 Ultimate Guide to Florida's Boat Parades

Updated October 1st, we are still waiting on some confirmations from some of the events. Bookmark this page or join our newsletter below. We'll keep you updated.