Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park

Welcome one and all to the Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park. Here you can experience the 45,387 acres of natural wonder in Florida’s third-largest state park. Hike the trails, paddle along the water with a kayak or a canoe, take that dirt bike out for a joy ride, go fishing for the big catch, go for an outdoor picnic, and get up close with the local wildlife (Though maybe not too close). Come and see the plant life with mangroves, pine Flatwoods, marshes, and scrub habitats galore. Campers are also more than welcome to explore the preserve’s areas, though keep in mind that they are in primitive and remote parts of the wild.

Not only that, but you can check out the visitor’s center provided by the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center (CHEC). They are a non-profit organization that offers educational programs based on the environment, guided interpretive hikes to go on, and marked trails that span around six miles. With opportunities like these, its no wonder why anyone would want to visit here. Bring your compass, bring your map, and bring as much bottled water as you possibly can. So come on down to Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park, where the outdoors come to you.

Location: Southwest Florida

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