De Soto National Memorial

De Soto National Memorial is located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, just south of Tampa and west of Bradenton. The memorial celebrates the 1539 landing of Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto and his crew on the shores of Tampa Bay. De Soto’s journey was one of the earliest European explorations into what would eventually become the United States.

Location: Central West Florida

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De Soto National Memorial commemorates the events of de Soto’s journey with a variety of activities and exhibits for visitors to explore. The memorial includes a visitor center, museum, and outdoor interpretive trails that take visitors through the environments encountered by de Soto during his travels. At each stop along the trails, visitors can learn about the different cultures and environments that de Soto encountered during his explorations.

In addition to the outdoor trails, De Soto National Memorial also offers a variety of other activities for visitors to explore. There are programmed hikes, boat tours, and children’s activities such as Junior Ranger programs. Visitors can also take part in living history presentations and interactive demonstrations that bring to life the stories of de Soto’s travels.

De Soto National Memorial is a great way to experience the history of the early exploration of Florida and the United States, as well as learn about some of the cultures and environments encountered by de Soto and his crew. Whether you are looking for an educational experience or just a chance to explore the outdoors, De Soto National Memorial has something for everyone. So plan your visit today and start learning about the history of de Soto’s journey!

Just remember, when you come to De Soto National Memorial, you are walking in the footsteps of an explorer who changed the course of American history. So come, explore, and experience the journey of de Soto!

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