Northwest Florida Region Parks: State

Tallahassee – St. Marks Historic Railroad State Trail

This beautiful and historic 16-mile stretch of converted railway connects Florida’s capital to the Gulf of Mexico. The paved trail provides an amazing scenic experience for running, walking, biking, and skating. Equestrian riders can also enjoy the adjacent unpaved trail. Along the path you will encounter all kinds of wildlife such as beautiful cypress trees, butterflies, wading birds, and on occasion alligators and manatees.

St. Marks Historic State Trail is also pet friendly and provides many great locations for picnics with multiple pavilions and playgrounds for families to enjoy.

At the southern entrance of the trail, the coastal city of St. Marks welcomes hikers to enjoy seafood dining, fishing, and entertainment. The northern entrance connects hikers to trails leading directly to Apalachicola National Forest to experience even more relaxing scenery and wildlife.

Location: Northwest Florida

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