Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park

stairs to spring

Located between Tallahassee and Gainesville, Wes Skiles Peacock Springs is a hidden gem. Its name honors an adventurous outdoor enthusiast who worked to keep this area pristine. Like most springs, there's swimming, snorkeling, picnic tables, grills, manatees, and gators. In addition to those lovely features, this park remains incredibly different than other Florida springs.

 Seriously, check out this fall foliage:

fall foliage above the spring


Diving Heaven

Typically, a Florida State Park has one bubbling spring that leads to a river/swimming hole. However, this park has FIVE bubbling springs. With an incredible amount of water flowing from the earth in just one area, a vast system of underwater tunnels has formed: over 10 miles of tunnels have been mapped. Not only do you need your scuba certification to dive here, but also your cave diving certification. Amongst divers, this is a must-visit in Florida. 

scuba diver


Plan Your Visit

Don't be deterred from this spring if you're not a diver. This spring doesn't experience much traffic, making it the perfect getaway. If there are lots of divers, you'll have more quiet time above ground. Plus, you can swim over their bubbles (it's more fun than you think). 

  • Don't miss out on their hiking trails
  • Bring your swimming attire & a towel
  • Pack a cooler for that midday grill-out
  • Ask a ranger how you can volunteer- they'd love the help!