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Withlacoochee State Trail

Welcome to Withlacoochee State Trail! This 46 mile long trail is a diverse journey through Florida’s west coast. It also stands as the longest paved rail-trail in the state. Originally part of the Plant System’s West Coast Route rail line in the late 1800s, Withlacoochee became a state trail in 1989. In fact, it was one of the first land purchases under Florida’s “Florida Rails to Trails” program. This expansive stretch of land runs through three counties, various small towns, and a variety of wildlife habitats. There are also sections of the trail that have an accompanying unpaved equestrian trail for horseback riding.

When it comes to activities, Withlacoochee State Trail has a little bit of everything. You can even bring your pets! If you’re looking to indulge in Florida’s railroad history, the trail still has the original whistle markers and cement mileage used by trains in the 1900s. You can also view the Inverness Depot, a historic train station built in 1892. In the mood for a more nature-centered visit? Withlacoochee is great for viewing plants and wildlife as it passes through forests, sand hill communities, and wetlands. Many animals call the trail home, including the gopher tortoise. Withlacoochee is also the perfect place to get in some exercise, offering opportunities for biking, running, and rollerblading.

Your adventure doesn’t have to end here! Parts of this trail are nearby other forests and state parks for you to visit. These include the Withlacoochee State Forest, Fort Cooper State Park, and the Withlacoochee River Canoe Trail.

Location: Central West Florida

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