Yellow River Marsh Preserve State Park

Here's an upclose look of our beautiful waters and wildlife.

Are you ready to spice your day up with some fun nature and excitement? Yellow River Marsh Preserve Park has just what you're looking for. They offer birding, hiking nature trails, and wildlife viewing. It’s time to live a little and experience your adventurous side, and it’s okay to get your feet in the mud once in a while. Whether it be a trail with your husband or loved ones or to get some good ole exercise with a hike.

This state park is one of the last few parks that offers tracts of wet prairie, including of the largest community of pitcher plants in the state. No matter when you feel like planning that trip down here, we will be ready and open. If you need to spruce up your Instagram feed with some great and breathtaking pictures, they've got you covered! They have beautiful carnivorous plants that flourish here as well as 20 rare and endangered species of plants and animals. Don’t be afraid to snap those pictures and interact with the wildlife, they won’t bite. Ok maybe they will.