Madison County

Madison County is located in North Central Florida in the Panhandle approximately 60 miles east of Tallahassee, bordering Georgia and the Florida Counties Hamilton, Suwannee, Lafayette, Taylor, and Jefferson. 

Madison County was named in 1827 in honor of it's founding father James Madison, 4th President of the United States. 

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Madison Blue Spring State Park is a must see for people who love swimming and cave diving. This state park is located in Lee, Florida about an hour from Jacksonville. Madison Blue Spring State Park is popular for its scenic woodlands and its 82 feet wide, 25 feet deep, spring. Some of the many things you can experience include birding, paddling, fishing, scuba diving, and of course, swimming. As for amenities, Madison Blue Spring State Park provides picnic pavilions, as well as being a pet friendly park. This state park is a place where anyone can come and have a great time, In fact, it was voted #1 swimming hole in the country in 2015!

Madison County Public School District serves as the administration of over 30 schools across the rural northern border of Florida. Student enrollment in this county is close to 2,700. The District School Board of Madison County offers specialized and extracurricular programs designed to meet the needs of students, including education for students with disabilities, remedial reading, gifted and honors, fine and performing arts, career and technical education, English Language Learners (ELL), all-day pre-kindergarten, outdoor education, athletics, activities, clubs, and more.

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Some of Florida's key attractions live right here in Madison County. Swim around some of the content as you familiarize yourself with this great member of North Florida.

The Suwannee River Regional Library System serves Suwannee, Hamilton, and Madison Counties. Suwannee County has 2 branches in Branford and Live Oak. Madison County has 3 branches in Greenville, Lee, and Madison. Hamilton County has 3 branches in Jasper, Jennings, and White Springs.

Distributing weekly newspaper to Lake City, Live Oak, Madison, Branford, Dowling Park, Jasper, Wellborn, White Springs, Old Town, Fanning Springs, Trenton, High Springs and Alachua City, Florida.