Community of Alligator Point, Florida

Alligator Point is an unincorporated community in Franklin County Florida on the Gulf of Mexico along Florida's Forgotten Coast. The area is in the panhandle directly south of Tallahassee. Alligator Point is a narrow peninsula that extends out from Bald Point State Park and separates Alligator Harbor, known for it's Clam Harvesting, from the Gulf of Mexico. This small beach town features a more vintage Florida type style with sea oat covered sand dunes and natural habitats. It is a perfect place for wildlife observation and birding. 

Bald Point State Park is a 4,065 acre chunk of wildlife hanging off of the western end of the Florida panhandle right on the Golf of Mexico. The park is perfect for nature goers and birdwatchers with much of Florida's intricate habitats to explore. Not too mention the amazing wildlife on display including bald eagles in the fall, among other Florida birds migrating south for the winter. The parks beaches are also great for canoeing, kayaking, swimming, or simply relaxing near the ocean water. 

Blad Point