Town of Horseshoe Beach, Florida

Welcome to “Florida’s Last Frontier”

Horseshoe Beach is a small peninsula on the Gulf of Mexico located about 70 miles west of Gainesville in the middle of the Big Bend area and Florida's Nature Coast. The town juts out into the Gulf at the end of County Road 351, 20 miles west of Cross City and 20 miles to the nearest roadways and amenities of a small town. It is home to less than 200 people and is very isolated from the rest of the state. 

History of Horseshoe Beach

The town was first settled in the 1800's and originally owned by lumber companies. It was purchased for $324 by C.C. Douglas and Burton Butler in 1935 who offered each current resident the opportunity to stay and buy the lot they were living on for $10. It was officially incorporated as a town in 1963. 

Horseshoe Beach Today

Horseshoe Beach has a small amount of land and can only house a small population keeping the area small town. The slogan for the town is "Florida's Last Frontier". There are no hotels within town limits. The nearest schools, stores and gas stations are 20 miles away. Despite the long commute, residents love Horseshoe Beach for its small town private feel, where they can enjoy the Gulf without the influx of tourists most other Florida towns have. The locals are varied with everything from self made homes and mobile homes to newer high-end homes.

The town now has a restaurant, full-service marina, churches, a library, a waterfront park, a general store, cabins and vacation rentals and an athletic field with baseball and basketball areas. But think small. All of these are tiny to service a very small town. The town offers visitors a quiet vacation where fishing and boating opportunities are the focus. 

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