Town of Interlachen, Florida

Interlachen is a town in Putnam County, Florida. The town was originally known as “Blue Bond” and served as a tourist haven. Now the town is a residential community with flourishing businesses. Currently, a caboose sits in the middle of the town as a reminder of its once-high tourist population.

If you're a passionate angler or you just like being out on the water, the Kenwood Recreation area is a prime fishing location. Nearly every weekend, the park holds a range of fishing tournaments from ten to over one hundred and fifty participating boats! If fishing simply isn't your thing, there's plenty of other things to love about the park, like the boating expeditions, picnic pavilions, and wildlife. It's located on the Rodman Reservoir, where you can also enjoy hiking along trails, camping, and much more.

Kenwood Recreation Area
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Royal Manor Winery is an local vineyard and winery that has been awarded double gold for their Southern Passion fruit wine blend.