City of Leesburg, Florida

Leesburg is a city in Lake County, Florida. The City of Leesburg provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy water activities such as boating, swimming, and fishing, as the city is located between Lake Harris and Lake Griffin. One of the most popular points of interest in Leesburg is the Venetian Gardens Park. The canals and gardens of this park truly capture the beauty of this quant little town.

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Beacon College is a Leesburg college for students who learn differently. Students with learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, and other conditions can earn associates and bachelors degrees in programs that work for them.

The Lake Concert Band is a non-profit organization founded in 1989. The band started with 12 members and has grown to its current size of over 70 volunteer musicians, performing at numerous concerts, events, and parades since its founding. Musicians range in age from high school to senior citizens and the band is open to anyone who is able to read music, owns their own instrument, and passes an informal evaluation by the band's director. 

The Lake Concert Band has a mission of providing a quality musical experience to the community and performs throughout the year, including holidays. The band performs all over Central Florida and plays a variety of music including Latin, classical, big band, Broadway, and more. To see where they're playing next follow their Facebook page. To learn more about the band or how to join, visit their website.

Lake Square Mall is a large shopping center with lots of stores to choose from. It is also home to many dining and entertainment options including an AMC movie theater, indoor go-kart racing, and Via Entertainment, an arcade and bowling alley. 

The Leesburg Center for the Arts, established in 2000, was founded as an artistic hub for artists and those interested in the arts in Leesburg, Florida. It provides educational and awareness opportunities and hopes to inspire the community through the use of art and culture. Not only does it offer a gallery of exhibitions, but the Center also offers events like the Night Market and Boho Fest and programs for both children and adults. They offer summer camps for kids, and various drawing, painting, and art nights for the adults. 

Leesburg Center for the Arts also offers unpaid internship positions and volunteer opportunities for those interested in helping the Center directly. They also have groups and clubs that meet regularly throughout the year. For information on classes, work opportunities, clubs, or exhibitions, visit their website or Facebook page for the latest up-to-date info. 

Leesburg International Airport, located 35 miles northwest of Orlando, is the central hub for transportation and business in this growing part of Central Florida. With two runways extending up to 6,300 feet, the airport accommodates over 50,000 aircraft takeoffs and landings each year.

Since the 1940s AM 790 has been playing country music and broadcasting news important to the local community. This stations supports local artists, businesses, and civic groups.