City of Port Richey, Florida

Before it was incorporated, it was a vibrant community for fisherman and trappers. It was also an industrious Indian community and includes burial grounds for two Native American tribes. As other settlers arrived, word spread throughout the northern states about the comfortable winter seasons on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Adventurers came from the north to try their hand at fishing and hunting the local game. Today, Port Richey remains largely the same. It remains a fishermen's town and the people of this town take pride in their traditional ways.

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Congo River Golf has 8 different locations in the state of Florida and it's so much fun here! The mini golf course is perfect for those with little kids, as well as the gemstone mining feature that sits on the grounds. But what makes this place so unique is the fact that there are live alligators here to pet and feed. Only the baby alligators can be held and pet but the bigger ones are more interesting to watch when they eat. So find a location near you to check this cool experience!

Gulf View Square is a relatively small mall just a stone's throw away from the Gulf of Mexico. Current plans are in place to turn vacant stores into an apartment complex so you can live where you love to shop.

Education opportunities for Pasco County students in the concepts that protect our environment and its valuable resources. Through programs that work within the school system as well as provides for summer camps and weekend programs, students develop a sense of personal and collective responsibility for the preservation of Florida’s precious ecosystems. 

The goal for JOY FM is to help you find the joy within yourself. This Christian radio station starts mornings with The Morning Cruise where they share the big word of the day and devotional. Throughout the day you can listen to the top Christian artists.