City of Williston, Florida

Williston is a small city south of Gainesville. Despite its small size and southern atmosphere, it is full of activities to occupy the whole family. Williston is home to the Two Tails Ranch, and animal refuge that specializes in elephants where guests can interact with elephants in an environment that is peaceful and enjoyable for the animals. Nicknamed the “Gateway to the Nature Coast” Williston is where city meets nature. Blue Grotto and Devil’s Den, two of the world’s most popular dive springs are also located here.

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If botany is your thing or you just enjoy gazing at an alluring garden, Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens is your place to be. This is one of Florida's most beautiful botanical gardens and one that is sure to leave you breathless. It was founded by Dr. Raymond Webber in 1991 when he purchased an old retired lime rock quarry that he gradually turned into the most luxurious botanical garden that Florida has ever seen. Enjoy viewing over 100 species of plants and flowers or the vast array of wildlife that you will encounter through the trails. Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens also contains a number of domesticated animals such as pheasants, a swan, a 100 pound catfish, cats, a squirrel, and much more. 

Devil's Den is a prehistoric spring that has previously uncovered many ancient fossils from the Pleistocene epoch. Many of these Fossils can now be found at the University of Florida's Museum of Natural History. After the owners bought the place in 1993, they turned this cavern into one of Florida's most popular sites for snorkeling and scuba diving. Visitors can spend the night by lodging in one of the many comfortable cabins or by setting up a tent on property grounds. There are also designated areas for those who wish to bring their RV's.