10 Reasons to Shop Local in Florida

Get your shopping on in Florida and shop local

So, you are tempted to do all of your shopping online. I mean, why not? It’s easy, it’s convenient, and you think you can find better deals and save time. And while sometimes that may be true, it is not necessarily true most of the time.

As a proponent of shopping online for some things and shopping online when there simply is no way to get out to shop, I am also am a big proponent of shopping locally in Florida. And with so many local Florida stores offering online apps and integrating the online experience with the hands on experience, there is no reason to stay home and shop!

Here are my top 10 reasons why you should get off your device and shop local in Florida.

1. It’s healthier

10 Reasons to Shop Local in Florida

Ok, so maybe not the #1 item you were expecting. But as a blogger, I feel it is the most important. Getting out to the mall is a healthy experience for your mind and your body. Walking around the mall or store is much healthier for you than sitting on your computer or device and ordering your stuff from your couch. Get up and get walking and exploring what your local Florida community has to offer.

2. Fun Experience

10 Reasons to Shop Local in Florida

Shopping is a fun experience, especially when you are not rushed and are out to explore and find some great items. Walking around the mall, people watching, interacting with others, grabbing food at the food court, or just exploring the local retailers is exciting and fun.

Often times, especially around holidays, Florida malls and local stores offer special events that includes entertainment and activities. Certainly not something you will find at an online store. Look for special events, grand openings, anniversaries, holidays, and more to get out and shop the best deals while having fun at the same time.

3. Social interaction

10 Reasons to Shop Local in Florida

Getting out and shopping with a friend or family member is a great way to spend time together. Mother/Daughter time, Father/son time, Mother/son, sisters, friends, whatever your relationship, spending the time while physically shopping is a great way to socialize and spend time together. And meeting people, interacting, and having conversations with others clears the mind and is healthy for your spirit.

4. Me Time

10 Reasons to Shop Local in Florida

So many of us never have time to escape and explore on our own. Going to the mall or any local store in your Florida community to discover new items, getting the items you need, and freeing your mind of the day to day tasks can provide the me time you need.

5. The Surprise Factor

10 Reasons to Shop Local in Florida

Finding things you were not expecting to find is the special treat you get when you shop locally in Florida. As you stroll through the mall or local store, there can always be something that you didn’t expect or something you didn’t know you wanted or needed. It is one of the best things about local shopping! Go exploring and see what you find at your local shops.

6. Great Deals

10 Reasons to Shop Local in Florida

So you think you can find all the best deals online? Think again. Exploring the malls and local shops in your community might surprise you with the deals that you can find. Many local retailers will also match online prices. So start shopping locally in Florida first. Then if you can’t find the deal you found online, certainly order online. Local shops are trying to keep up with the online world and need your support to keep the community strong. So check them out and shop local in Florida.

7. Shopping without the Guessing

10 Reasons to Shop Local in Florida

When shopping locally in Florida, you are able to try on your clothes, pick things up, and see up close the items you are interested in. The colors are always right, the size always fits, and there is no guessing how it will look or feel when it arrives.

8. Instant Gratification

10 Reasons to Shop Local in Florida

There is nothing more enjoyable than being able to buy an item and have it in your hands the second you purchase it. Shopping with kids, I can tell you, nothing is quite as gratifying as watching them try on those sneakers and then be able to wear them immediately. Need an outfit for a date tonight, an interview tomorrow, or an event or party? Find it locally in your Florida community and take it home instantly.

9. Help from the Salesperson

10 Reasons to Shop Local in Florida

When shopping locally, you can ask questions, get hands on advice, and learn about a product as you touch and experience it. Most salespeople are quite knowledgable in the department or store they are working in and can offer you advice that you wouldn’t get from a standard customer service rep online.

10. Community Support

10 Reasons to Shop Local in Florida

Last on my list but certainly not the least important! Both larger malls and smaller retailers build up the communities in Florida. When you shop locally, you are supporting the businesses who provide jobs and the local small business owner who is serving the community.



Get your shopping on in Florida and head out to your local stores and malls.


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