15 Delicious Florida Themed Cookies You Can Make at Home

Trapped inside? You can get in the Florida spirit without ever leaving your kitchen

One of the best ways to celebrate is with dessert, so why not make these fun cookies to celebrate the sunshine state? All of these Florida cookies can totally be made at home! Some are more difficult than others, but many can be masted by any amateur. Try some today!

Starfish Cookies

These adorable starfish cookies from Sweet Sugarbelle are super easy for even a beginner to make and they’re sure to make you feel tropical no matter where you are!

Crab Cookies

Another fun way to feel tropical is to make these crab cookies from Moms and Munchkins! They look complicated, but they’re actually pretty easy to make.

Beach Cookies

Learn to make these detailed and super cute Beach cookies at Askanam!

Orange Crinkle Cookies

If There’s one crop Florida is known for, it’s oranges. Make these delicious orange cookies from Happy and Harried to enjoy Florida’s favorite fruit in the sweetest way possible!

3D Sunglass Cookies

Sunglasses are every Floridian’s favorite accessory! Make these super fun, but not too difficult 3D sunglass cookies from The Cake Girls

Palm Tree Cookies

These Palm Tree Cookies from With Sprinkles On Top are a great way to celebrate Florida’s perfect beaches!

Key Lime Pie Bars

There is no dessert as traditional for Floridians as key lime pie. Shake up the recipe while keeping that classic flavor with these key lime pie bars from Mom On Time Out!

Surfing Cookies

You can learn to make both these surfboard cookies and the fun wave cookies with this tutorial from Glorious Treats

Storm Cloud Cookies

One of the realities of living in Florida is dealing with bad storms and hurricanes. But every lifelong Floridian knows that sometimes you just have to have a little fun with it (even Publix sometimes makes hurricane cakes). Embrace the next big storm with these cookies from The Bearfoot Baker that actually rain sprinkles!

Pina Colada Cookie Cups

You can totally get that sipping cocktails on a Florida beach feeling by eating these Pina Colada Cookie cups from Delish

Alligator Cookies

Celebrate Florida’s favorite carnivore with these simple but fun alligator cookies from The Bearfoot Baker

Swimming Pool Cookies

Want the perfect cookies to eat while you enjoy Florida’s year-round pool weather? Sweetambs has these Pool Party cookies you should definitely try!

Chocolate Orange Cookies

Chocolate covered oranges are a classic treat perfect for eating in Florida. Give them an upgrade with this cookie version from Butter With A Side Of Bread

Smiling Sun Cookies

The Sunshine State is the perfect place to make sunshine cookies! Make these sun cookies from Glorious Treats to keep your day bright!

Flip Flop Cookies

Every Floridian knows that flip flops aren’t just beach wear, they are everyday shoes. Make these cookies from Tidy Mom to celebrate Florida’s favorite shoe!