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Considering a move to the Sunshine State? Florida’s vibrant culture, diverse communities, year round warm climate, and endless recreational opportunities make it an attractive destination for anyone and everyone. Moving to Florida is not just a change of location, it’s a lifestyle transformation. Whether you’re seeking a bustling urban environment, a serene beachfront retreat, a retirement community, or a family-friendly community, Florida has it all.

You’ve probably heard the expression, “the good the bad and the ugly”, well, we believe in sharing the good, the bad, and the beautiful as well as insight on the fun and the serious aspects of moving here. Discover the truth and the intimate details about each region in Florida from the locals and experts who live here.

From pristine beaches and golf courses to a thriving retirement scene, Florida has something for everyone. This comprehensive guide gives you the insight and connections to the experts in each aspect of relocating to Florida.

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The Good and the Fun!


Florida offers a range of housing options, from beachfront condos to suburban homes and urban apartments. Research popular neighborhoods, considering factors like proximity to work, school districts, and amenities. Whether you prefer the cosmopolitan vibe of Miami, the historic charm of St. Augustine, or the family-friendly suburbs of Orlando, Florida has a place that suits your lifestyle.

Hear what our local real estate experts have to say about the housing opportunities in their region. (coming soon)


Florida is renowned for being a haven for retirees. The state’s warm climate, tax advantages, and abundance of retirement communities make it an ideal destination for those seeking a relaxing and active lifestyle during their golden years. Cities like Sarasota, Naples, and The Villages consistently top lists of best places to retire in the U.S. and all around the state new retirement communities are popping up giving retirees more choices for their golden years.

See what our local real estate experts have to say about retirement in their region.  (coming soon)


For families, Florida offers a variety of family-friendly communities with excellent schools and recreational opportunities. Orlando, known for its world-famous theme parks, is a popular choice, while Tampa and Jacksonville boast thriving family-oriented neighborhoods. Explore local schools, parks, and community events to find the perfect fit for your family’s needs.

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Florida is a playground of attractions, from the magical world of Disney in Orlando to the cultural richness of Miami and the historical treasures of St. Augustine. Nature lovers can explore the Everglades, while thrill-seekers can visit Universal Studios. With a plethora of museums, theaters, and festivals, there’s always something exciting happening in the Sunshine State.

Want to live near the attractions? Love nature, fun, water activities or the thrill of Disney and theme parks? Find a local expert who can help your find your perfect spot. 


With over 1,300 miles of coastline, Florida is a beach lover’s paradise. Whether you prefer the calm shores of the Gulf Coast or the Atlantic’s waves, you’ll find stunning beaches throughout the state. Miami’s South Beach, Clearwater Beach, and Siesta Key consistently rank among the best in the country, offering sun-soaked days and breathtaking sunsets.

Beach communities in Florida have always been a major attraction for those relocating to the state of Florida. If you love the beach, this is the place to be!

Our local experts can help you find your dream beachfront or beach community home. Learn more about the various beach regions across the state from our local experts. (coming soon)


Florida is a golfer’s dream destination, boasting an abundance of world-class golf courses. With year-round warm weather, you can enjoy your favorite sport at any time. Naples, Palm Beach, and Orlando are renowned for their golf communities, providing a perfect blend of challenging courses and luxurious living.

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Given Florida’s extensive coastline and numerous lakes, rivers, and canals, boating enthusiasts find paradise here. From sailing along the Florida Keys to exploring the Intracoastal Waterway, there are endless opportunities for boating adventures. Marinas and yacht clubs dot the coastline, catering to both seasoned sailors and weekend boaters.

Oh, how beautiful the boating opportunities here in Florida! Living on the water may be a dream for some, but in Florida, you can make it a reality. Check out what our local experts have to say about living on the water in their region. (coming soon)

Let’s Get Serious

Taxes and Financial Aspects

One of the key attractions for many individuals and businesses is Florida’s tax-friendly environment. The state has no income tax, making it an appealing destination for those looking to keep more of their hard-earned money. Additionally, property taxes are relatively moderate compared to other states, contributing to the overall affordability of living in Florida.

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What about the Bad?

While the warm weather might be appealing, getting used to the summer heat and tropical storms might take some adjustment.

Florida’s Sub-Tropical Heat

The Florida heat can be intense, especially during the summer months. Floridians learn quickly to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and embrace the outdoor lifestyle with early morning or late evening activities. Middle of the day in the summer is all about staying indoors or enjoying time in the water.

Weather and Hurricanes

Florida is known for its tropical and subtropical climate, with warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine year-round. Florida is also known as the sunshine state but has more lightning strikes and rain than most places on the planet! In Florida, when it rains, it typically pours. But then it’s over just as fast as it rolled in and the sky is back to it’s beautiful blue sunny hue.

It is important to be prepared for hurricane season, which runs from June to November. Stay informed about evacuation plans, have an emergency kit ready, and consider purchasing hurricane insurance to safeguard your property. And follow the rules for avoiding lightning and staying safe.

Bugs & Mosquitoes

Flying gigantic cockroaches, fire ants and mosquitoes, oh my! Yes, in Florida we have a bug problem! Florida’s warm tropical climate is the perfect breeding ground for over 10,000 species of insects. Pest control is a must to keep up with keeping the problem insects out of your home and outdoor entertainment areas. When moving to Florida, be prepared for dealing with more insect problems then you probably deal with in other states.

Traffic and Population Growth

If you come from areas that are not as populated or touristy, you may not be prepared for the traffic in some areas of Florida, particularly the big cities. The roads and highways are not keeping up with the growth and building of new communities around the state so traffic slow downs are a norm at the busiest times of day.

The Beautiful

Now that we have discussed the Good and the Fun, the Serious and the Bad, we always like to end with the Beautiful!

Diverse Landscapes

Florida’s visual diversity, from pristine beaches to lush wetlands, provides a stunning backdrop for daily life. The ability to explore various ecosystems and natural wonders is an ongoing invitation to marvel at the state’s natural beauty. Florida has more state parks than most states and is a birder’s delight! If you love the outdoors and nature, Florida offers the most beautiful places to discover and explore.

Cultural Fusion and the People who live here

Sure, you might see Florida on the news with all the crazy things and people that are publicized here. The truth is, Florida is one of a few states that has broad public record laws which allows the public and media access to crime reports almost immediately after they happen, which makes it go viral with narratives and gets picked up nationally when it is weird or wacky. These things actually happen in other places, it is just not publicly available, so it’s not all over the news.

Florida is actually full of amazing people who are friendly, laid-back, and typically foster a sense of community and connection. The cultural tapestry of Florida has influences from varying cultures including Latin America, Caribbean, European and beyond. This makes for amazing festivals and events that showcase the rich diversity and celebrates different traditions and heritage.

Year-Round Recreation

The perpetual warmth means that outdoor activities are a year-round affair. Whether you’re a beach enthusiast, a golf aficionado, a nature lover, or just love to be outdoors, Florida offers endless opportunities all year long.

Culinary Delights

Florida’s diverse culinary scene adds a delicious twist to your palate. From Cuban sandwiches to fresh seafood, the state’s multicultural influences offer an exciting array of dining options, turning every meal into a flavorful adventure.

Take the plunge, and discover the beautiful lifestyle that await you in Florida!

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