5 Good Things That Happen When A Hurricane Strikes

Hurricanes and other natural disasters are devastating and can disrupt or change your life. But they are also a time when we see the best in humanity.

5 things good things that happen when a Hurricane Strikes

1. Families come together. Countless relatives open their homes to help those evacuating. Those who stay come together to weather the storm. When we lose power, more socializing, game playing and just hanging out together occurs.

2. People say “I Love You” more. A Hurricane makes us forget our differences and makes us want to spread our love.

3. People stop worrying about the little stuff. Focus is shifted to survival and protecting those we care about.

4. Humanity takes over. People care about people regardless of their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or nationality. When other humans are in need, are hurt, need help, need food or shelter, we step in and want to help. Nothing else matters.

5. Communities come together. Before the storm, people care and want to make sure you are prepared for the storm. Communication and love is spread across the community. After the storm, communities come together to start the recovery process. It’s not about the individual as much as the community getting through the hard times and staying strong together.

About the author

Patti Jewel

Content Marketing Expert and owner of a content focused digital agency. Patti is also a life-long Florida resident, beach lover, nature lover, who is always looking for the positive things to focus on in Florida.