A Cast Member’s Guide to Toy Story Land

Disney’s Hollywood Studios unveiled their newest land this summer and it brings toys to life in Andy’s backyard!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios unveiled their newest land this summer and it really is a land full of lifelike toys. The atmosphere brings that nostalgia we all had watching Toy Story growing up. My first visit to Toy Story Land was quite the experience, so I am here to help you navigate your way around Andy’s backyard.

Early Bird Gets The, First Spot in Line?

The lines for Toy Story are still about two hours long now, give or take the time of day and the weather. While two hours really isn’t that much of wait in Disney time, it is a lot for that area. There is not a lot of shade, so it is basically two hours in the direct sunlight. That is why I like to go early, like as soon as the park opens. Not only will your wait time be shorter since you will be one of the first ones there, it is a lot cooler in the morning, so you won’t run the risk overheating. Trust me, I have seen it happen. Plus, once you have knocked out the two rides in Toy Story Land it gives you the rest of the day to admire the park and take lots of Instagram worthy pictures.


Slinky Dog Dash

Speaking of Shade

Yes, lets talk about heat safety. Everyone knows Florida is hot this time of year, that is a given. So, you should already be wearing hats, sunblock, and drinking lots of water. However, if you are a seasoned park goer and think that you can will your way through all of Florida’s heat, please don’t. Toy Story Land is a small area, with a lot of people and, as I mentioned before, NO SHADE! Be smart about your day and do not try to tough it out. It is not worth it. I waited in line for Alien Swirling Saucers for 45 minutes and almost passed out. Keep in mind I live in Florida, I am from Texas, I KNOW HOT! I was not prepared for the lack of airflow and the lack of accessible water. I recommend bringing a refillable water bottle, so you have cold water on hand. It will make your wait much more bearable.


Toy Soldier Picture

Meet the Characters

The opening of Toy Story Land brings the opportunity to meet a few of our favorite toys. Buzz, Woody, and Jesse are all present in Andy’s Backyard. The lines for these characters aren’t usually too long, but they are so worth it. Meeting Buzz was a great experience and I only waited 20 minutes. If you don’t want to wait in line, but you still want a picture with one of the toys then you are in luck. The Toy Soldiers are walking around to keep everyone in line and they are more than happy to pose for a picture. Just make sure you wait your turn and have a fierce pose ready.


Woody's Lunchbox Menu

Woody’s Lunchbox

When you are tired of the lines and want to take a break, make sure you stop by Andy’s Lunchbox. There are shaded areas with comfortable chairs waiting for you as well as a wonderful meal. These back to school inspired lunches are just what you need after spending your morning in lines. I had the BBQ melt sandwich, and it was delicious. They even have a space inspired lemonade that is out of this world. There is a meal for everyone, and even some special drinks for anyone over 21.

Welcome Back Childhood

Overall, just have fun. Let the nostalgia of Toy Story bring you back to the childhood you miss so much. Yes, the lines are long and it is hot, but it is also an experience you will never forget. When you leave you will be smiling from ear to ear and counting down the days until you get to go back. Toy Story was made for those of us who grew up with the movie, and we can finally have our moment. We get to be a toy in Andy’s Backyard and it was worth the wait.

This video is a more detailed look into my adventure in Toy Story Land!

Photo Credits: Instagram Photo Credit: @judymoody1985