Florida Public School Calendars - All Districts Start Dates and More

A complete list of start and end dates plus major holidays and breaks
Florida Public School Calendars

*Note: Due to Hurricane Irma, every school district was off school one or more days and will be allocating makeup days. We will update this list with the dates as soon as we get the updated information from each school district on the days allocated for making up the Hurricane days. Please contact your school district to verify holiday dates. 

As a parent with 4 kids who have attended several different school districts in Florida, I am always looking for the school calendar and school start dates, holidays, semester breaks and school end dates. It is one of the biggest questions that everyone asks "when do you go back to school?" And some of these school district website really make it difficult to find the calendar information. So I created this simple listing of the biggest dates for each school district to help out. Some are left out because I couldn't find them and I'm waiting for a response from the county.