Florida Public School Calendars - All Districts Start Dates and More

Updated for 2021-22 School Year - list of start and end dates with major holidays, breaks and COVID info
Patti Jewel
Florida Public School Calendars

As a parent, the question we ask toward the end of summer is, "when do you go back to school?" So here is a simple listing of the biggest dates for each school district to help you out. This Florida School Calendar shows the major days off of school and does not include teacher workdays or minor holidays.

We actively work to update this list. Please remember that due to un-expected circumstances such as hurricanes and possible changes in the pandemic closures, dates are subject to change.  2021-2022 school calendar dates are added below based on the calendar from the individual Florida school districts. This date is subject to change so please be in direct contact with your school or school district for the latest updates and to verify dates. 

COVID update

Florida Schools are preparing for back to school at the beginning of August among another severe outbreak of COVID.  All Florida Schools Districts signed a Spring Education and Assurance to guarantee a brick and mortar option for all students in the state of Florida and to remain open. Despite school districts hoping to make the schools safer with mask requirements, the Governor's Executive Order 21-175 makes masks optional. 

Most schools are also providing services to help students who may have fallen behind during closures due to the pandemic. Parents can still opt to homeschool or set their kids up in Florida's Virtual School to continue schooling at home if they choose. 

The schools that have COVID information on their websites is shared below. While some districts are requiring strict COVID safety measures, others are back to school as usual with no mention of COVID. Contact your school district for more details.