Why Guest Blogging is Exploding and How to Integrate it in Your 2020 Marketing Strategy

Patti Jewel
Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has been around for a long time but more recently, online marketers are starting to see why it is becoming much more relevant and a necessary part of your online marketing strategy.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is simply writing a blogpost or article that you post on someone else's website. It is a way for you to write about something you know, a way for you to share your expertise, and a way for you to expand your reach online. 

Guest Blogging

Here's Why Guest Blogging is a Powerful Marketing Tool

There are millions of websites on the internet. The majority of website owners are doing the exact same thing as you, writing content and working with specific keywords to be found on google. And no matter how hard you try with a specific business or keyword, there are 1000's of others using the exact same keywords and methods. A small business website has very little chance of getting on top of a search without paying a significant amount of their marketing budget on it. 

Why Should You Write Content for Another Website and not just post on your own?

By guest blogging on a more prominent and higher ranked website, your content has a much better chance of being found and much bigger chance of bringing in new clients. So on your website, your article might be found and read 100 times in a year, while on a more prominent site, it could be ready 10,000+ times. 

And when you write content for another website, your content will, in most cases, stay there forever (or at least many years), which provides a powerful way to grow your branding and increase your reach consistently without additional efforts or cost. 

What to Look for in a Website that offers Guest Blogging

Always look for a website that fits in with your niche or business topic and/or local area. These will be the best for driving the traffic for people who are specifically looking for your product or service in your local area. 

FloridaSmart Guest BloggingFloridaSmart.com offers both Guest Posting and Monthly Managed Guest Posting to keep your marketing efforts consistent. 

Find a Guest Blogging site that lets you link back to your business profile where you can have a link directly to your website. If you are guest blogging on a website that does not allow you to link to your own business or website, then you are providing them free content and only getting a name placed on the article. But, if the website links back to you or your business, then you are getting free branding and clicks to your website. 

FloridaSmart.com works with companies to provide a win-win marketing strategy and allows for 1 link in each article posted to bring more clients to your website. (must abide by our Editorial Guidelines)

Setting up Your Marketing Strategy to Include Guest Blogging

In setting up your online marketing strategy, it is smart to build content for both your own website as well as guest blogging content. Your website should have blogs that are specifically written about what you offer, with keywords in mind that will drive traffic to your website. Guest blogs should include information about things you know that are related to your business or local area. Both types of blogs should be unique to the platform you are writing for. 

FloridaSmart now offers Monthly Managed Guest Blogging where we provide the content on FloridaSmart.com with a monthly article that is specific to you, your business, your local area and either mentions you as an expert or lists you as a "article provided by" with a link to your business profile. This consistent content grows your brand recognition and increases consumer awareness and confidence. 

Let us take the stress of keeping your content flowing and consistent off of your hands so that you can focus on your business. Take a look at our Monthly Managed Guest Blogging Packages and get started in this exploding and powerful content branding strategy.

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