Florida’s Creepy Urban Legends

Every community has its own urban legends. They add to the history and culture of a community, though more often than not urban legends are just meant to scare you. Let’s face it, we listen to these urban legends because deep down inside we love the sensation of being scared. For those Floridians that enjoy getting goosebumps, you’ll be happy to know that our state is home to its very own urban legends. For your scare pleasure, we covered the creepiest urban legends that exist in Florida today. Enjoy!

The Florida Skunk Ape

If you thought Bigfoot was scary wait until you hear about Florida’s Skunk Ape. Since the 1960s Floridians have claimed to have seen a giant ape-like hominid creature roaming the forests surrounding Dade County, Florida. The Skunk Ape gets its name because of the foul odor that permeates from its body. Though there is a dearth of evidence supporting the Skunk-Ape’s existence, many Floridians swear that this legend is more fact than fiction.


Anyone who lives in Florida is familiar with Lovebugs. These annoying little bugs fly aimlessly and eventually land in all sorts of places where they flit and dash until they die. Lovebugs themselves aren’t interesting but the rumor surrounding their existence certainly is. According to the rumor, Lovebugs were genetically engineered by scientists for the purpose of creating a bug that would mate with male mosquitos and then sterilize them so that they could no longer produce offspring. It’s too bad this is just a rumor because mosquitos are such a pain!

The Fairchild Oak

The Fairchild Oak is a popular site for many tourists visiting Bulow Creek State Park in Ormond Beach. Many people say the tree is haunted. This likely has to do with the fact that a man by the name of Norman Harwood, who owned the property surrounding the tree, killed himself right under it. No one knows why he killed himself but it is scary to think that he did so only after living on the property for a few years. This begs the question? Is the tree haunted or is it Norman Harwood spirit causing all the commotion.

Pensacola Lighthouse

When most people think of lighthouses they picture a tall tower that overlooks scenic views and beautiful oceans. When it comes to the Pensacola Lighthouse, however, people only think of dread and sorrow. Supposedly, there was a couple who owned the property next to the lighthouse and they were known for always arguing and fighting with each other. After a decade or so, the woman finally lost her cool and killed her husband in the most gruesome of ways. She literally chopped him up into pieces! Talk about anger issues. Nowadays, people claim to hear screaming in the tower. There is even one particular spot in the tower where blood appears out of nowhere and then disappears. This spells creepy all over!

The Mexican Pet

Ever mistake one breed of dog for another? It happens to the best of us but not to the extent it did for one particular family. While on vacation in Florida, a family found what they believed was a Chihuahua along the side of the road When they brought the animal home and introduced it to their cat, it pounced on the cat and eat it alive. Horrified from the fiasco, the family raced to the vet to see what was wrong with their new pet. It was discovered that their “Chihuahua”  was actually a GIANT rat! Yikes!

Spook Hill

Lake Whales is home to what residents call Spook Hill. Legend has it that at the foot of the hill a huge battle occurred between a Native American and a giant alligator. After a ferocious fight, both the Native American and alligator wound up dead. Now, many residents claim they experience strange phenomenon whenever driving along Spook Hill.

The Cassadaga Devil’s Chair

Cassadaga is known for being Florida’s spiritual center where thousands of psychics and clairvoyants gather year round to exercise their talents. As you might imagine, this spiritual haven is a hotbed of spiritual activity, though one particular site is known to send chills down your spine. Known as the Devil’s Chair of Cassadaga, many people in the community believe that if you sit in this chair late at night while no one is around the Devil will visit you. Better have a cold beer on hand because legend also has it that the Devil will be expecting one.