Ultimate Beach Guide to St Pete Florida Area Beaches

Pinellas Counties stretch of fun, artsy and diverse coastline

St Pete Beach is an area filled with diversity, arts, and gorgeous beaches. The beaches along the St Pete Beach coastline have traditionally been a family favorite as well as a retirees dream location. The entire coastline along Pinellas County is lined with condos, townhomes and homes, though the county is very public oriented and offers lots of spots for public beach access.

Ultimate St Pete Beach Area Beaches Guide

What this Guide covers
This guide is all about the beach areas: the beaches, access points, parking, wildlife, activities, sand and water, beachfront area, shelling, and anything related to being on the beach! Everything you need to know about the beaches for a day, a weekend, a quiet moment, vacationing, moving or buying in the area. We have included the beautiful islands, beaches to the north along Pinellas County and coastal state parks that surround St Pete Beach.

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St Pete Florida Area Beaches

This guide starts at Sand Key Park just over the inlet south of Clearwater Beach and heads south down the Pinellas Coastline. For Clearwater Beaches to the north, visit our Clearwater Beach Guide.

Pinellas County features a 28 mile stretch of barrier islands that includes Sand Key, Treasure Island, St Pete Beach as well as Clearwater Beach.

Sand Key runs from Clearwater Pass at the north end, to Johns Pass at the south end. This key is 14 miles of heaven is where you will find some of the areas most glorious beaches and both welcoming and privacy seeking beach towns. Treasure Island is a welcoming family-fun destination location with the widest beaches around. And St Pete Beach sits at the south end of Pinellas County featuring an artsy and touristy vibe.

Sand Key Park

Across the inlet from Clearwater’s main beach is Sand Key Park. Managed by Pinellas County Parks, this 90 acre beachfront park is the northern tip of Sand Key barrier island. It is a favorite for locals who want to avoid the more touristy Clearwater Beach and enjoy a nice family beach day. The park features trails, picnic areas and a paw pet park. The beach area features super wide beachfront area with shelly sandy beach sand that you will find in most of Pinellas County.

Belleair Beach & Shores

Belleair Beach is just south of Clearwater Beach and features a stretch of condos, townhomes, and houses that run along the beachfront with mostly private access to the beach. With 4 pedestrian access points and 4 resident parking access lots, it is difficult to get to the beachfront if you are not a resident. Non-residents can park at Morgan Park, but note that it is a small lot with limited parking.

Belleair Beach is intent on keeping the access mostly for residents. Remember that in Florida, beaches are public, however, cities like Belleair can make it difficult for the public to access them. Really, the only reason to go to Belleair over other beaches to the south is if you are meeting a local there.
For beach access information go to the City Website here: https://www.cityofbelleairbeach.com/parks/

Indian Rocks Beach & Shores

Indian Rocks Beach & Shores is much more public friendly than Belleair. With two public Pinellas county managed parks and easy access points to the beach. And these beaches are worth a visit with wide, flat, beautiful sandy shorelines, gorgeous blue-green calm waters, and good local vibe.
You will also find some local restaurants and shops close to the parks.

Indian Rocks Beach is the northern section where the sand is a bit more shelly. If you walk along the shoreline, you will see a short pier jetting out past the shoreline. This is privatedly owned and not publically accessable. http://www.indian-rocks-beach.com/park_locations.php

Indian Rocks Shores on the south end features whiter finer sand and easy access at Tiki Gardens.

Redington Beaches

Redington Beaches includes the communities of Redington Shores, North Redington Beach and Redington Beach along Pinellas county coastline. This beautiful stretch of beachfront features wide flat beaches and soft white sand. There are a few access points and parks along this area for enjoying the beachfront, though some access areas are for residents only. https://townofredingtonshores.com/recreation/

Redington Shores

On the north end of the Redington beaches, Redington Shores is the most accessible beach in the Redington area with a main access point that has public parking and facilities. Constitution Park is also located in the town of Redington Shores and features a playground and park facilities just across the street from a beach access point. There are several small walkovers to the beach for neighborhood residents as well.

Redington Shores is also home to The Long Pier, which was the most popular spot in Redington and a historical staple. The pier was built in 1962 and jetted out 1,200 feet. The pier was old and storms took it’s toll on it and after being closed since 2018 due to safety issues, it was demolished in 2020.

North Redington Beach

North Redington Beach has several walkover access spots to the beach and does have some roadside parking along the street, though it may be hard to find available spots.

Redington Beach

Redington has a few walkovers and any parking available along this stretch is for residents only. While anyone can access and enjoy this beach area, it is difficult if you are not a resident, making it a more private less crowded beachfront. The pier here is also a privately owned pier and only accessible to the condo residents.

Madeira Beach

Madeira Beach is another Pinellas county beach that features a gorgeous wide flat beachfront and soft white sand. Madeira Beach, aka “Mad Beach” is popular for locals and visitors alike. The two main public access points are at Archibald Beach Park (The Hammocks) and John’s Pass. There is also a small beach access in between that offers a few spots for parking and accessing the beach. John’s Pass Village is at the south end featuring a shopping, eating, boating and fishing village that is just across the street from beach access.

The locals have embraced the term “Mad Beach” and we had fun joking about the Mad Beach across highway 666!

Treasure Island

Treasure Island features the widest beachfront in St Pete Beach with a boardwalk, activities, events, lots of public access parking spots, great food and local shops. Treasure Island is a more laid back tourist and retirement spot along the coast with 6 public access parking points and tons of public walkover access points.

Sunset Beach

Part of the Treasure Island area, Sunset Beach lies at the south tip featuring a gorgeous more private beach area that is perfect for shell seekers or finding a spot to relax.

St Pete Beaches

World reknowned St Pete Beaches feature gorgeous white sandy beachfronts in an eclectic community. The shoreline is the perfect place to relax, hunt for shells, swim and play. St Pete Beach runs the length of Long Key with 3 distinct beaches: Upham Beach Park, St Pete Beach, and Pass-a-Grille Beach.

Upham Beach

Upham Beach Park is at the north end of Long Key and features a wide beachfront, jetty rocks and swimming areas. There is a garden walk through area that is also fun to explore.

St Pete Beach

South of Upham is the main stretch of St Pete Beach where the hotels and resorts line the coast and where the famous Pink Don Cesar Resort resides. If you have ever vacationed in St. Pete Beach, this is the area you most likely stayed. This stretch of beachfront is unsurpassed in the wide white shelly sands and warm emerald waters.


On the south end is Pass-a-Grille Beach where you can find lots of parking, restaurants, and activities along with a cool community vibe.

Shell Key

Accessible only by boat, Shell Key features a natural shoreline that is a shellers and birders delight. Several locations around St Pete beach offer charters and boat rentals for accessing this beautiful island.

Fort De Soto Park

Fort De Soto Park feels like a state park with the size and naturally kept coastal area. It is a county managed park that features a historic fort, picnic areas including large group pavillions, shelling, fishing, camping, and pristine beachfront.

There are several areas in to explore in the park. For the best beach area, head to the north end where the wide expanse of gorgeous white sand and coastal shoreline extends around the northern tip.

Egmont Key State Park

Accessible only by boat, this 440-acre island wildlife refuge was once a camp for captured Seminoles and, later, a Civil War Navy base. Feauturing an 1848 lighthouse that was the first in Florida to be on the West Coast. Egmont Key is a state park that is also a nature preserve and historic site. Daily tours to the island are offered from Fort DeSoto, St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island and John’s Pass.

Beach Life & Cultural Feel of St. Pete Beaches

St Pete Beach is a community that is quite diverse while the cultural artsy feel spreads across the coast. The communities in this area are more laid back and have a fun chill vibe.

Sand, Water, Beachfront & Shoreline

White soft beaches line the entire beachfront along Pinellas and St Pete Beaches while some areas are more shelly then others.

The Beachfront along the entire coastline of the St Pete Beaches is wide soft sand and great shelling. The water is warm and a gorgeous green blue color with soft gentle waves most of the year.

While there are a couple private short piers along the coast, there is only one public pier at Fort Desoto.

Wildlife: Sealife and Shorelife
Dolphins and Sea Turtles frequent the areas waters. Dolphin watching is particularly good during late spring/early summer and they are more active in the morning and late afternoon hours. Sea Turtle season runs from May to October.
Common Shore Birds are seen all along the shoreline of St Pete Beach. Bird watchers will spot terns, gulls, pelicans, sandpipers, herons, and egrets.

Activities and things to do in St Pete Beach
Water Activities include swimming, snorkeling, body surfing, stand up paddleboarding, and boating and fishing excursions.

Shelling along the waters edge is a favorite past time and there are always shells to be found anywhere along the coast.

Surf Fishing is a common activity in the area. Be respectful of other beachgoers when choosing a location for surf fishing.

Shopping is plentiful in the area with everything from local stores, tourist shops and retail locations. St Pete is notorious for it’s local artsy shops and locally owned storefronts. Be sure to stop by and check out the local vibe.

Local Attractions include a wide variety of cultural and historical places, such as the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum and the Salvador Dali Museum.

Vibrant nightlife and lots of local events are consistent throughout the year.

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Uniquely St. Pete Beach

St Pete Beaches have a small town artsy vibe while being part of a big city. And with the widest beachfronts all along the stretch with Treasure Island being the widest, if you love the beauty of a wide beach, St. Pete Beach is the spot.

Scenery, Sunsets and Sunrise

There is no sunset more beautiful than a Florida Gulf Coast Beach Sunset. Anywhere along the St Pete Beaches offers gorgeous views of the sun setting over the horizon. Recommended spots include Madeira Beach, Upham Park, and Pass-a-Grille.

Where to Stay or Live

When visiting or moving to St. Pete Beach, you will find options for homes, condos, town homes, hotels, and beach homes. The area brings visitors and residents who are looking for a beach town lifestyle in a fun diverse community. It is also a popular location for those who are looking for their winter home or vacation rental investments.

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Local Business including Food & Drinks, Services, Health & Medical, Education, Sports & Recreation, Arts & Entertainment and more, coming soon.

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