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Florida’s boating and marine industry is one of the largest and most active in the United States. With an extensive coastline, numerous lakes, rivers, and waterways, and a warm climate, Florida provides ideal conditions for boating, fishing, and various water-based activities.

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The boating and marine industry significantly contributes to Florida’s economy generating billions of dollars in revenue each year, supporting thousands of jobs, and attracting tourists and boating enthusiasts from around the world. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), Florida consistently ranks as the top state for boat registrations and boating expenditures.

Boats, Parts, Accessories

Florida is home to numerous boat manufacturers, marine dealerships, and retailers ranging from small boat builders to large-scale production facilities,marine equipment and accessories.

Marinas & Marine Services

Florida has a vast network of marinas and marine service providers, including boat repair and maintenance facilities, marine mechanics, boat detailing services, and boat insurance providers. These services cater to the needs of boat owners, ensuring their vessels are well-maintained and operational.

These marinas offer various amenities, including fuel stations, boat maintenance and repair services, boat rentals, and access to dining and recreational activities.

Boat and Yacht Clubs

All around Florida you will find boat and yacht clubs, providing berths, dockage, and facilities for boat owners and enthusiasts.

Boat Rentals, Charters & Trips

Florida’s Boating industry and charter trips is one of the reasons people come to Florida. Book a charter, rent a boat of any size or type, and get out on the water!

Fishing Supplies, Charters & Services

Florida’s abundant water resources make it a premier destination for fishing enthusiasts. The state has a thriving recreational and commercial fishing industry. Anglers can explore a variety of fishing opportunities, including deep-sea fishing, saltwater fishing in coastal areas, and freshwater fishing in lakes and rivers. Florida hosts numerous fishing tournaments and events, attracting anglers from around the world.

Boat Shows and Events

Florida is renowned for hosting some of the largest and most prestigious boat shows in the country. Events like the Miami International Boat Show, Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Palm Beach International Boat Show, and Tampa Boat Show draw boating enthusiasts, industry professionals, and manufacturers showcasing their latest products and innovations.

Water Sports and Recreation

Florida’s boating and marine industry offers a wide range of water sports and recreational activities, including jet skiing, kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, and more.


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