Starting a Business in Florida

Florida offers a cost-competitive environment, a favorable overall tax structure, global connectivity, and a talented workforce. As a result of Florida’s ideal business environment, the state attracts many entrepreneurs and startups. 

If you are considering starting a business in Florida, here are 5 quick steps to getting started. 

1. Decide on the structure of your new business. Will you set up a sole proprietorship or partnership with a DBA and register a fictitious name? Or to do you want to incorporate as an LLC, S Corp or C Corp? Do your research or speak with an accountant or business consultant for more details on the various benefits of each.  

2. Once you decide, go to, Florida's official business registration site, and register your business name.  

3. After you have registered, get your EIN (Employer Identification Number)

4. Next, go to your bank and set up a business account. 

5. Then register with your local country or city to get a business license

Some businesses may require special licensing or permits, check with the Florida Department of Commerce for more information for your specific type of business. 

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