Florida Public Schools

Florida's public schools are administered by the Florida Department of Education, with a Board of Education and a Superintendent of Schools for each of its 67 districts. Each district represent a county in Florida. Most of the funding for the public schools comes from the Florida Lottery. School ratings, sizes, and other details vary from district to district, so find your district on the list below to find out more about the public schools in your area.

Florida Public School Districts

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The Importance Behind the High School Start Time Debate in Florida’s Orange County and Seminole County
Why Orange and Seminole County Leaders are Fighting to Change High School Start Times
Seminole County and Orange County Superintendents are proposing a later start time for their high schools. The decision could change the outcome in the education of Florida students.
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Florida Public School Calendars
Florida Public School Calendars - All Districts Start Dates and More
Updated for 2022-23 School Year - list of start and end dates with major holidays, breaks and COVID info
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The Florida Department of Education serves all 67 school districts in Florida working with parents, teachers, educators and community members to improve Florida's education system for students of all backgrounds and abilities. 

Florida Listings

Arts at the Park: Infusing Arts with Academics Choice School

Achieve Center at Richey serves exceptional education students who have emotional or behavioral challenges. Our number one priority is to make sure all students are learning and growing. 

Gifted, Talented and Leadership Choice School

Magnet school places special emphasis on mastery of academic skills, career exploration, community service, self-esteem, self-discipline, interpersonal skills, and personal values to develop life long learners who will be contributors to an ever-changing global economy. 

Center for Gifted and Talented Studies Magnet School

Critical Thinking Through the Arts Choice School

Acceleration in Mathematics; Pre-Early College; Information & Communication Technology Choice School

Academy of Accelerated Learning and Leadership Choice School

Advanced Placement Capstone; Commercial Arts; Information Technology-Web Development; TV Production Choice School

Communications/Information Technology Magnet School

Academy of Academic Enrichment Choice School

Academy of Science, Technology and Leadership Choice School

Dual Language - Spanish Choice School

Leadership Academy Choice School

Academy of Performing Arts Choice School

Academy of Technology & Gifted Studies Magnet School