An Adventure on the Water in Southwest Florida with Eco Endeavors

Southwest Florida is a region that is teeming with water and boating activities. It is where the ten thousands islands and the beautiful beaches of Naples and Marco Island bring visitors from all across the world.

When visiting this region of Florida, getting out on the water is a must. When we were exploring this area, we chose Eco Endeavors because we love their eco and education vibe. And because they had a trip to the Sinking Domes, which unfortunately are now part of the sea as Hurricane Ian claimed them!

We were fortunate enough to have been able to book a trip with Eco Endeavors a few months prior to the domes being gone forever. The trip to the domes was an unforgettable and once in a lifetime opportunity. And while we planned the trip with the seeing the domes in mind, Eco Endeavors gave us a much bigger experience.

We explored 2 islands, learned about the eco-system and wildlife, and while the dolphins were not active on this day, we saw a sea turtle and manatees. We would have never seen these on our own! Their expert captain knew exactly what to look for in spotting the sealife.

If you’ve ever been on a private boat tour, you know that it is geared toward your interests. But sometimes, it can seem awkward. Eco Endeavors makes you feel like a friend who they are showing around. The trip was so natural and informative and I’d recommend these guys to anyone who wants to explore off-shore in the Marco Island and Ten Thousand Islands area.

Eco Endeavors Website for up to date tour information.


Ad Disclosure: Our team chose Eco Endeavors because their values and love of the area aligned with ours and they provided a complimentary tour to showcase their service. 



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