Deer Lake State Park

Deer Lake State Park

Deer Lake State Park is Florida nature at it's best with a rare dune lake, huge natural dunes, inland habitats, all in one.This coastal dune park offers visitors hiking and trails, birdwatching, fishing in Deer Lake, and a natural beachfront with pure white soft sands and warm emerald Gulf waters. 

Deer Lake Coastal Dune Lake

Deer Lake

Deer Lake is one of the rare coastal lakes along Florida's Panhandle that outflows into the Gulf of Mexico. This phenomena creates a river that connects the lake with the Gulf mixing the waters and habitats. 

Deer Lake State Park Parking area

Deer Lake has a small parking area with a trail that offers visitors a hike through natural Florida habitats.

Deer Lake State Park Trail

Explore the trail and find magnolias, golden asters, woody goldenrod, and scrub oaks as well as more rare plants like the spoonflower, pitcher plants, and Curtiss' sand grass within the park. There are also plenty of other wildflowers to add color to this attractive state park.

Boardwalk across the dunes to access the beach

Deer Lake State Park Dunes Boardwalk

This park features a long boardwalk that stretches across the gorgeous coastal dunes. 

Deer Lake State Park Beach

Deer Lake State Park Beach

The beachfront is the pristine aspect of this park with a natural habitat, tall dunes, and soft sands.