Florida Summits, Hills & Mounds

Florida is a state of diverse geography, filled with 148 Summits, Hills & Mounds designated by the U.S. Geological Survey.. These geographical features hold great significance to the people of Florida, providing some of the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring views that can be enjoyed in the Sunshine State.

Some of the highest points in Florida are located in its northern region, such as Britton Hill, which is the highest point in the state at 345 feet above sea level. Other notable peaks include Sugarloaf Mountain, at 312 feet; and Crooked Lake Mountain, at 306 feet.

In central Florida, the most prominent summit is Iron Mountain, located near Sebring. Standing at 300 feet tall, Iron Mountain is the highest point in Highlands County. Other peaks of note here include Sugar Hill, at 287 feet, and Bear Island Hill, at 253 feet.

In south Florida, the most prominent summit is Big Blue Mound, located near Weston. Standing at 168 feet tall, Big Blue Mound is the highest point in Broward County. Other peaks of note here include Blue Hill, at 156 feet; and Snake Bight Mound, at 105 feet.

The summits, hills and mounds of Florida are more than just geographically significant landmarks – they are a part of the state’s identity and soul. From Britton Hill to Big Blue Mound, these natural features are as integral to Florida’s landscape as its sparkling beaches and lush forests.

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or a beautiful view of the Sunshine State, exploring Florida’s summits, hills and mounds is sure to provide a unique experience that will not be forgotten! So lace up your hiking boots, grab a map and explore the beauty that Florida has to offer! You won’t regret it.

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