Florida Lakes

Florida has over 7800 lakes on over 3 million acres of land. One fifth of Florida is land area is water with all of the lakes, rivers, streams and waterways. The lakes in Florida vary in size from small springfed to some of the largest in the U.S.

The largest and most notable lakes are:

  • Lake Okeechobee
  • Lake George
  • Lake Weohyakapka
  • St. Johns River
  • Lake Istokpoga

Lake Okeechobee, located in south-central Florida, is the largest freshwater lake in the state. It covers more than 720 square miles and is surrounded by levees designed to protect against severe storms. This lake provides a critical habitat for birds and other wildlife and serves as a source of clean drinking water for people living nearby.

Lake George, located in northeast Florida, is the second largest lake in the state. It covers over 300 square miles and is known for its sandy beaches, scenic vistas, and excellent fishing opportunities. Lake George is part of a chain of lakes that form the St. Johns River system; it connects to other nearby lakes by canals and rivers.

Lake Weohyakapka, more commonly known as Lake Walk-In-Water, is located in Central Florida and covers over 7,500 acres. It’s one of the top fishing spots in the state, with a variety of bass species including largemouths, spotted bass, and shoal bass. There are also opportunities for swimming, kayaking, and other recreational activities.

The St. Johns River is the longest river in Florida and flows 310 miles from its source near Vero Beach to its outlet at the Atlantic Ocean near Jacksonville. Along its course, it passes through Lake George, as well as several other lakes including Lake Monroe, Lake Harney, and Lake Apopka.

Lake Istokpoga is located in Central Florida and covers nearly 28,000 acres. It’s a popular destination for anglers, especially during the winter months when high numbers of largemouth bass can be found here. This lake offers plenty of shoreline access points for fishing and recreation, as well as several nearby marinas and campgrounds. There are also a number of wildlife refuges in the area that provide habitat for bald eagles, osprey, wood storks, and other species.

In addition to these notable lakes, there are thousands of other smaller bodies of water throughout Florida, all with their own unique characteristics and attractions. From lakeside beaches to freshwater fisheries, the Sunshine State has something for everyone who loves being around water. No matter what type of water-based recreation you’re looking for, Florida’s lakes have something for you.

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