Florida National Seashores

Florida preserves natural, historic and undeveloped seashores as well as offers recreation opportunities for those interested in visiting these sites. Several national seashores exist in Florida today and the most notable ones are the Gulf Islands and Canaveral which both encompass barrier islands off the coast of Florida.

Canaveral National Seashore is one of Florida’s most absolutely gorgeous and untouched natural habitats. It is one of few places in the state where visibility of one of Florida’s swamps is combined with the view of one of Florida’s most beautiful beaches. The park consists of two entrances both of which provide access to amazing beaches and the parks Mosquito Lagoon.

This beautiful stretch of land from Mississippi to Santa Rosa Island is Florida coastland in it's natural state at it's best. Clear emerald water, sugary white soft quartz sand with un-touched sand dunes and natural habitats for wildlife. The protected areas that encompass Gulf Islands National Seashore are not a continuous shoreline.