Snow in Florida

Yes, it does snow in Florida! But it is extremely rare, especially in South Florida!

A unique combination of weather conditions and ocean activity are necessary for snow to fall in Florida. Because the northern Panhandle of Florida sits in a location where polar jetstreams can be received from the Gulf of Mexico and cold fronts from the Atlantic Ocean, this area is usually where most snowfall in Florida occurs. The snow in Florida, for the most part, comes in the form of snow flurries and melts almost instantaneously, though there are exceptions.

“I remember the snow in Miami in 1977! I was with my 6th grade class on our way to art class and someone yelled, it’s snowing! I had never seen snow before, like most of the kids in my class, so we were so excited! Our teacher took us outside, but we only caught the end of very few and scattered flurries. It was one of the most exciting, yet most disappointing days of that school year! The flurries were gone the second they hit the ground. We wanted more! But that was it. It was over.” Florida Jewel

That was in January of 1977. Florida also reported snow in December 1989 and January 2018.

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