Seasons in Florida

When Floridian’s talk about seasons, it is typically Hurricane Season or Rainy Season! And while we may not share the same seasonal changes that northerners share, our seasons are just as important. The northern parts of Florida are not too different from the northern states except that the temperature ranges are not as great. South Florida is more tropical and has even less of a temperature range throughout the year. Most of Florida typically has 2 seasons, Summer/Fall when it is hot, humid, rainy, and Winter/Spring when the weather is gorgeous and everyone wants to be outside.

Summer / Fall Season in Florida 

Florida’s longest season extending 6 months from about May thru October. Also known as Florida’s wet or rainy season. In Central and North Florida we typically start to feel a fall-like coolness and break from high humidity sometime toward the end of October. Some people do not realize it because Florida is abundant in trees that stay green all year long, but we do have deciduous trees in Central and Northern Florida that turn colors and loose their leaves this time of year. South Florida does not really have much of a Fall.

Winter / Spring Season in Florida

While some may not call our winters real winters, perhaps they are more like a winter/spring combination. This time of year is also known as Florida’s dry season. Floridians at this time of year look forward to turning off their air conditioners and opening the windows from around November thru March/April and enjoying the dryer, cooler air and cool breezes. We still have many hotter days during this time (especially in South Florida) and many colder days (especially in Northern Florida). The expression, “April showers bring May flowers” was not written for Florida! April is one of the driest months of the year.

Some of our other “Florida” seasons:

Hurricane Season

June 1st – November 30th

Turtle Nesting Season

Most active May 1st – October 31st

Manatee Season

Officially October 15th thru March 31st but Manatees stay in some areas all year long

Snowbird Season

Northerners start flocking to Florida typically from October/November thru April/May

Love Bug Season

Varies across the state, most often late April to early May and again in August/September, while in south Florida, there may be another smaller flight in December.

Spiny Lobster Season

Regular season is August 6 through March 31

Tree Planting Season

Generally December through February but can vary from the Southern regions to the Panhandle.

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