10 Unique Museums in Florida

With so many museums in Florida, we thought it would be fun to show you a unique experience with our choices of the most original museums in Florida.

Museums are an excellent way to spend an afternoon learning more about a subject or a place. Florida is home to every kind of museum – art, science, and history, but there are a few extra special museums guaranteed to provide a completely unique experience. Here are the 10 of the most original museums in Florida.


Art of the Olympians Museum and Gallery

The Art of the Olympians Museum and Gallery is located in Fort Myers. It features artwork from some unlikely sources – Olympic athletes. Athletes from many different kind of sports from all over the world have artwork featured here. Check it out to see art by some incredible multi-talented people.


World Erotic Art Museum

Despite its risqué concept, the World Erotic Museum is home to tons of excellent and unique art. The artwork spans many different styles and time periods and includes work by several famous artists including Picasso and Rembrandt. It’s an interesting way to learn how different societies interpreted sexuality while viewing some great art.


Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum

This Sanibel museum is a must see for every beach comber and shell collector. It showcases unique and rare shells from around the world and houses several of the largest shells ever discovered. In addition, the museum has exhibits that show how shells have been used in art and architecture throughout history.


Wolf’s Museum of Mystery

Wolf’s Museum of Mystery is a museum dedicated to the world’s most interesting mysteries. Alien’s, mermaids, Bigfoot, vampires… you name it, it’s explored here. Each item in the museum has special historic significance in all kinds of unique ways. While you stroll through the fascinating and sometimes creepy exhibits you will unexpected lessons about history and society.


The Wick Theatre and Costume Museum

The Wick is one of the best locations for theatre in Florida. The theatre itself is the main attraction, showing Broadway plays and musicals year-round. The costume museum connected to it is free, so it’s a great thing to check out whenever you go see a show. The costumes and props featured here are a treasure trove of theatre history.


Replay Amusement Museum

Replay Amusement Museum is a museum that’s also an arcade. It is packed full of arcade and pinball games from the past. Both kids and adults can enjoy classic games from many decades throughout history. The 13 dollar admission (7 dollars for kids) includes unlimited play on all the games, so it’s an affordable day out with the family.


Water Ski Museum and Hall of Fame

There’s no better place for Water skiing than Florida, a state with a rich history in the sport. That history is celebrated here at the Water Ski Museum and Hall of Fame in Polk City. It’s a must see for fans of boating and skiing.


Miami Paper Museum

Paper may not seem like a very exciting subject for a museum, but the Miami Paper Museum makes it interesting. It features amazing artwork creating using paper as well as beautiful examples of stationary and greeting cards. Want to get a hands on experience too? This museum offers workshops in papermaking for all audiences to enjoy.


Levy County Quilt Museum

Quilting is a lost art form often unappreciated and unnoticed by the masses. But here at the Levy County Quilt Museums quilts take center stage. Visit here to see some amazing quilts and learn a bit more about the process of making them. You can also buy quilts and other handmade items from local crafters to take home with you.


American Clown Museum and School

That’s right: Lake Placid, Florida has its very own clown school. If you love clowns but don’t necessarily want to become one, you can check out the museum here. This is the only American Clown Museum in the world, so it’s an experience unique to Florida. It features artwork, figurines, clothing, and much more.